29 septembre 2011

The gate of the sky !

Like an old door, which is endless darkness. I stood at the door


Long time wandering, but not the heavy step, around the scenery constantly changes, like a one-man show. Used to it, and got tired, so I leave here, go find a piece of pure land of their own, to recuperate.


Like a person lying in the flowers, such as phantom daydream dream, real smart, always seem to hear a bunch of pipes, like wearing little pines on gently chanted, and seems to come from the ancient city-States. No lyrics, just a familiar rhythm. Listen, listen, forget yourself where, in front of where is not important, because right now my heart is silent, such as flame by the sea burial, when Mars disappears when the last point, whether it will be sad?Whether it is willing to turn them exiled at the end?


Walking among the diverse crowd, ran aground on the way when the dreams, aimless walk around in this desolate land, the sky lost color, the world's only black and white, only heart at this moment are perhaps the most vacant, because God allows me down all in at this time, accompanied by the familiar sound of music, dancing lightly. Try gorgeous dance shows to the world his extraordinary, results are always in a magical place be submerged and poetic rendering finally overwhelmed soul praise.


Who's playing upon my heart? Who got my body began to swing? Who got my heart on the other side of silence?Why listen to sometimes become lingering, why love at the moment will become as easy, without any modification of imprinting is like shooting star across the sky. You look to the stars, see who's smiling face?

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