29 septembre 2011

The gate of the sky !

Like an old door, which is endless darkness. I stood at the door   Long time wandering, but not the heavy step, around the scenery constantly changes, like a one-man show. Used to it, and got tired, so I leave here, go find a piece of pure land of their own, to recuperate.   Like a person lying in the flowers, such as phantom daydream dream, real smart, always seem to hear a bunch of pipes, like wearing little pines on gently chanted, and seems to come from the ancient city-States. No lyrics, just a... [Lire la suite]
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24 septembre 2011

This life

Although a bit disappointed, but you do not regret. Life has been seen in some places, and not, and cannot, without discrimination. Because it belongs to the heart, is long and repose, is engraved on soul as rushing rivers. People in their own hearts, build a piece of blue sky, green sea, world, a lot a little good pleasure into one.   No reading of osmanthus fragrans, fragrant self-existence.    Hearts inadvertently beauty.  In life, we have to plug in a pair of wings of beauty for... [Lire la suite]
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