18 octobre 2011

Accustomed to sadness and darkness symbolizes the fear in our eyes

At that time I, accustomed to sadness, darkness symbolizes the fear in our eyes, to snow in my eyes show the bone-chilling cold. As if a black and white of the eyes different borders, forever no more color. Fear this fall, but kept the everything in the world. Love is bitter, love is bitter, and I was confused.

 In those days, I used to sit on the roof of the weak, look jagged brick and tile, bolanbujing. Tree swallows in years of relentless whispers, perhaps live without a huarong Eclipse battle each other, but also meaningful miracle. For one afternoon, when the setting sun finally red fade! I also sunk below the calm heart, without casting any traces.

 It's just a game of who that, much later, go to take shape, those unforgettable, brilliant, timeless memories this where?

 I would like to wnms, where there is no dust. Light dance, pick up the youth's horn, quietly blew it, I love those who love me and people are no longer so far away, we have been laughing crying, still flying?

 Bicycles also vaguely remember that the age of 17, earphone lyrical pop music lie in, one after another and I shuttle at a crossroads, wait and see people coming and going. Likes to turn to a maximum of the document, and then the rapid ride. Always like to crush the CAP is very low, cover their fringe sth Youth was such that only your one-man show Aion Gold of directing and acting, in which I like to wander, four of the people simply foil, just scenery.



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