22 octobre 2011

With own savings has a years of life of force

In the fall, all creatures have a commonality, it's tough. In the autumn under the forces of repression, every living creature with their own forces to fight this omnipresent force of nature. I always think that grass is the most weak exist in this world, because when an infant, I had had on those fragile life in a round of another round of massacres, I use a finger can easily kill life, what to speak of it? But when I actually went into the autumn, it was found in the natural world, and struggle for the longest time in autumn, is what I normally look down on the grass.When everything is floating, winter carries even greater damage when power came to the world, in a rock crevice, without being our attention, there is always some green in the US inadvertently when impacting with our eyes.Years may fly, I came to understand that these thousands of grass is like one who loves grass, although weak, vulnerable, then getting caught in a variety of disaster, find their own living space, in a posture of surrendering, stubborn existence, reproduction.

Autumn brings us humans, more of a Visual shock--an unexpected shock, is a fantasy, it is sound. In autumn, select a fine of days, out outdoor, went into vast large mountain, we I see of is not everything drifting of scene, we see of will is fire General of scene, those red of maple leaf, with own savings has a years of life of force, confrontation with bloom of autumn of this incessant cruel cold, bloom with own all of beautiful, they with own of life lit has this season, also lit has we heart raging of life of fire, in maple leaf of strong zhixia, even winter will late to good days.


Over the years, I think autumn is killing a symbol of xuguang, vegetation withered, all life stops at this season. Until now, I only understand, I had of self-righteous is how to shallow, deciduous drifting, combustion finished own of life, but Dang they close to soil of when, on to own into has Earth in the, with own of sacrifice for to next year of luxuriant, those grass were, although we see was see of body in autumn gradually withered and, but we see missing of the Aion Gold, they of with, still in soil in the savings with energy, waiting for with opportunities, then once to said of a young bamboo shoot 

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