08 novembre 2011

Smoke drift moon shadow skinny life has a few rounds?

Red Dust laughed, Fireworks falling, Mok road, strong said who that have to worry about. Smoke drift, moon shadow skinny, life has a few rounds? I clean, but into mud. This season, my heart in the end. Flowers showy, colorful instant Cheap WOW Gold, only to wither throughout the season. Romantics at that moment, pale in this life, after the stimulus will ultimately dull, everything will continue its own reincarnation, love, too, the ups and downs in you and me who that stumble across, static sealing, such as storms. Haste, haste, leaving only passer's footsteps.Blood oath is the end of Jasper, or is he look over the clouds blue purple smoke? You and I look forward to in the future, be waiting? Let it go? No one to blame you, no one wants you to insist that paints life, you are always there conjured a sum of money, is is that wrong? Who is able to speak clearly. The end of the fairy tale, but however delude themselves one scenario, there is also no need exists, because you and I are not perfect.Covered with Acacia, wane this season, amidst the bustling, who renewed with the tapestry of life, for whom the waiting life dream of curtains, who locked for present and future generations. He was city of romance, this city is dull, into your country, to live in my city.

Spring flowers Xia Yuting, red maple in autumn and winter of love, the is black hair evening dew, morning look at the bright sun of late to celebrate. MO Xiang attractive and increasing worries about not writing, not dance ink, can you hate love see through? Bleak and Dim Moonlight breeze, worrying task midgut into the city. Missed spring river flowers moon night, half awake half mad. Perhaps life is a picture or light ink, or landscape painting.More than the gloomy pain and unable to pick up happy in the past, come in "butterfly flower drunk, flower fly with the wind" melancholy thoughts of flying. Perhaps reincarnation, just delusions afterlife Millennium drunk, very beautiful. Perhaps dream, but just a unrealistic wishful thinking, who's making good wine, light the lights on the other side. Perhaps commitments only grow in vowed to light at about atrial and missed, giving up, break, leaving, but misunderstood one. Perhaps leave, just to play the next movement for life, sad life gradually forgotten. Step on in the footsteps all year round, time is short and rush, all happiness and suffering only is passé and lighted his lamp, lit up the dreams of others, is sad is happy, but bustling after a dream.

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