22 novembre 2011

With a row of blue stone bench under the tree you don't have to worry about dust

Early winter in the North, was a farewell scene, especially the rainy season, always gives a quiet, clean feeling, maybe I was born in the North, at this time, no luoyu and leaves the company, always feel a little less. Took a taxi to leave nearly two years of his alma mater, was nearly six points, it was almost dark World Of Warcraft Gold, this finally plucked up the courage to through rain and floating maple leaf night, stepping into the campus. Entering the campus, found that fish in the Lake are gone gone and hurriedly called and told friends, friends said: it is winter now, probably hid Hibernate.


Yes, working all day long, we forget that the most basic laws of nature, were so embarrassed. On campus, such as when we came to so young, pattern, as previously, the younger unfamiliar face, simple familiar smile could be my last. Go to the previous regular study hall on the floor next to stop for a moment, finally, no, I am afraid of my identity and disturb the harmonious calm here, also fear a full of sentimental, so gently through sth


Steps fail, can't help but come to c d cultural square in front of the building, before this is my favourite place, quiet and warm, and yellow neon lights of the night shines on Ginkgo trees on both sides, revealing strange brilliance, coupled with the hit of the evening breeze, rustling, gives a mellow feel. With a row of blue stone bench under the tree, you don't have to worry about dust, because it was often for you whisk away the dust, which enjoy a night of good, the square has a variety of activities, can let you see them all. In terms of vision or from perception, will give you beautiful, and unfortunately in this early winter rain, won't be able to see the old downtown.

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