24 décembre 2011

When the stories were flipped over the body

When the stories were flipped over the body, when another story by bond, all of a sudden, I found, thought you was a bustling city in the sky, but in your eyes is a ruin-like empty city. When I tried to find it completely empty when the cause, I have come to understand, I carefully open each night, all of the practice of keeping is Cheap WOW Gold just saturated with melancholy and loneliness of a soul.


May, who had just rain, rain, is actually a damp mood. Falling rain is the heart of sadness, melancholy is the heart of a slip of rain.


Window, night, dark black. I am trying to look for before the dawn of the light. Still thinking about, perhaps one encounters can be woven into a beautiful legends, the legend can also wet a review, just do not know if many years later I was standing in the rain at night, waiting for you, do you still take your smile to me, I was depressed in the Misty Rain of Acacia.

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