03 janvier 2012

Saying this story perhaps a very simple story

Maybe, one day, the River will dry up and perhaps, one day, the tree will die. Possible, they do not know, is the tree Dead River before it will run dry, or the river dries up the tree before it died with Buying WOW GoldPerhaps, the trees and rivers do not care about all this, they just know that as long as the little river blue, tree vitality unlimited; as long as the tree of life, and rivers are blue. They enjoy this company, this sweet taste.

This is the story of the tree, this is the story of the River. Saying this story, perhaps a very simple story, but because of the existence of life, River will have the value says such stories, might be a very boring stories, but because of the movement of active, the tree will have a wonderful of pole green.

River edge is a small tree, small trees beside a small river. Trees are the beautiful scenery of the River; River tender with the tree.

In fact, the interpretation of the trees and river stories, is a tender romantic story

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