16 février 2012

Others are saying everything should look forward

Man's fate may indeed be doomed, opportunity may only once, perhaps many times, love the deep not deep, it depends on how we got, Miss but, of course, but not to grasp, to women in the fight for, cherish, but let people road regrets, sorry, it is sad sth Strong and brave to face all was well, but brave is silly, there's love in his heart, fear of injury, afraid to face, dare to love, choose to avoid. That time has long past, therefore missed sth Cruel people hurt others, kind person choose to hurt themselves, but will ultimately hurt people hurt themselves.Others are saying everything should look forward, but this meaning is not to be missed, he missed, but sought after no longer want, need not be too sad, just because the other side has, can only say that you are doomed to no fate together. Can't make the other person loses he lost after all, so he will look down on you, leaving is the right choice. Many things can not always satisfactory, what you want always had decided otherwise, all of yesterday has become the history cannot be changed, but the effort can change the trajectory of tomorrow today!~ So everything will go into good things to think about, do not blame yourself, make yourself better, more kind to yourself, proud to live, let nature take its course.


Life just for decades years, can let go to Bo to love of days has more long, maybe which days on out has points accident, vast sea in the, can encountered themselves really love with of people can has several, love of causes is like, like of causes is has favor, has favor of causes is enjoy, enjoy of causes is understanding, understanding of causes is met, two a never has communication of people, because fate only met love in together. Two people are in love with is not easy, it is inevitable there will be some friction, at first appreciate the advantage is gone, heels are more disadvantages, because you have to hand over heart, not perfect in this world, you cannot break up because of some small reason and error to break up Gold WOW, unless he is not loved.

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