27 octobre 2011

Autumn to has the first feel to of must is branch of leaves

No plants able to resist the power of autumn. Although they all know that autumn will come at what time, what time will leave swept the attitude of all things but when fall came when all the plants are to start Suo Se your body.   Autumn to has, first feel to of must is branch of leaves, dang grass also is a congcong blue of when, some serves of leaves on has began from air fall has, I believe in this process in the, they must efforts protest had, but protest yihou, they are found, own meagre of forces, in this nature of... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2011

With own savings has a years of life of force

In the fall, all creatures have a commonality, it's tough. In the autumn under the forces of repression, every living creature with their own forces to fight this omnipresent force of nature. I always think that grass is the most weak exist in this world, because when an infant, I had had on those fragile life in a round of another round of massacres, I use a finger can easily kill life, what to speak of it? But when I actually went into the autumn, it was found in the natural world, and struggle for the longest time in... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Accustomed to sadness and darkness symbolizes the fear in our eyes

At that time I, accustomed to sadness, darkness symbolizes the fear in our eyes, to snow in my eyes show the bone-chilling cold. As if a black and white of the eyes different borders, forever no more color. Fear this fall, but kept the everything in the world. Love is bitter, love is bitter, and I was confused.  In those days, I used to sit on the roof of the weak, look jagged brick and tile, bolanbujing. Tree swallows in years of relentless whispers, perhaps live without a huarong Eclipse battle each other,... [Lire la suite]
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