16 février 2012

Others are saying everything should look forward

Man's fate may indeed be doomed, opportunity may only once, perhaps many times, love the deep not deep, it depends on how we got, Miss but, of course, but not to grasp, to women in the fight for, cherish, but let people road regrets, sorry, it is sad sth Strong and brave to face all was well, but brave is silly, there's love in his heart, fear of injury, afraid to face, dare to love, choose to avoid. That time has long past, therefore missed sth Cruel people hurt others, kind person choose to hurt themselves, but will... [Lire la suite]
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12 janvier 2012

Kam is a bed holding cling in my arms fingers touch the soft

Lake ripples star eyes, clear ripples season missing the surface, when the Sun hide your shy face, neon will put on the gorgeous outer skirt. Listening to the pulse of time Gold WOW, feel the breath of lonely, subtle agitation outside the door, it will allow heart beats frenzy.   Kam is a bed holding cling in my arms, fingers touch the soft, square screen keeps jumping, silent screen just to find your footsteps; hazy lighting package me warm, a little window coming evening breeze quietly singing, sentimental coconut tree... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2011

Adhere to the true self do it out of mud and not dyed

Some people say that nalanrongruo only the weight of 21 grams, it is the weight of the soul. He is pure, the vacant character seems destined to the grief of his life. Who are children of a rich family, Imperial bodyguard out of turn down the Gold WOW, he dreamed of freedom, and continually seeks his love. His mixed feelings: "talent short, because He Fu thin? "In fact, he is a talent too big, too deep and stubborn adhere to the true self, will" be sick with longing in a bad mood ", but because he wedded to nature,... [Lire la suite]
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