22 novembre 2011

With a row of blue stone bench under the tree you don't have to worry about dust

Early winter in the North, was a farewell scene, especially the rainy season, always gives a quiet, clean feeling, maybe I was born in the North, at this time, no luoyu and leaves the company, always feel a little less. Took a taxi to leave nearly two years of his alma mater, was nearly six points, it was almost dark World Of Warcraft Gold, this finally plucked up the courage to through rain and floating maple leaf night, stepping into the campus. Entering the campus, found that fish in the Lake are gone gone and hurriedly... [Lire la suite]
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15 novembre 2011

Barefoot trample on the beach sea seashore is the life of one eye

Wave after another. Every time I suddenly footprints on the sands of the depression World Of Warcraft Gold , and head one by one the waves excite.   Overlapping his sleep dimly seen through the world, getting our lives tianse paint color. I am grateful for it, let me leave one by one on the beach trace area of varying sizes.   Dressed in school uniforms, I asked bedside that photo in a baby who she said sth   Barefoot trample on the beach, sea seashore is the life of one eye to the edge of; soft... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2011

Have been looking forward to this spring green even if you come so late

I have agreed with this smiling green, agreed to when I met her she was smiling.   Have been looking forward to this spring green, even if you come so late, but I finally got you. Be ignored throughout the winter, waiting for this piece of spring green. Like the feeling of spring green, like the smile of the new green. Because of the smiling green life dress up as their spring and feeling beautiful.   Spring Green received many poets wrote, there are also numerous outing, if you found a spring green for... [Lire la suite]
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02 novembre 2011

Small floor one night listening to rain shenxiang sold

"Small floor one night listening to rain, shenxiang sold Heng Fa Chuen Ming dynasty. Oblique short paper free grass, clear Windows plays fine milk tea. "Rain brought a fragrance of apricot, wet clothes feet. Down a wet field trail, delayed walking, a hero so look, and smelling. Roadside rain on the green grass that shook his head, adjacent to the Heng Fa Chuen Yang-face smile, youbude you're not intoxicated. No one would bring an umbrella with a wet blanket, a look at the wash powder fragrance of apricot... [Lire la suite]
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