22 octobre 2011

Yes, after the fall the upcoming is a long cold winter

The fall has been a sad confrontation with joy, and there are no significant differences between the two. Upon completion of the harvest of joy, see make a clean sweep of land can also get the WOW Gold, always emerged a little pain in my heart, the uneven corn stubble, stands as a stubborn, waiting for her love life of the land, but stubborn and how long? Face with these had live had of stubborn of life, I does not know is the thanks they selfless of dedication, also is the mercy they in season before of soft; I only know they stubborn growth of life on so end has, because they by residues in Earth Shang of traces, to can't more long time, will was farmers with various method, mercilessly to eradication, us its name said: "to next year of farming! 


In the works of poets, autumn tears for another, I have been to the days of Ma Zhiyuan NET sand · meditation in autumn by the obsessed. In I of mind inside, always emerged such a site screen: sunset West Xia, a wiped sunset unable to to support with this world of bright, Crow call friends introduction with to home has, strong of wind then once blowing up, from distant of horizon, go to has a people a horse, people is poet, horse is old horse, people with horse as skinny, and worn-outafter, wind blowing up poet thin of clothes, poet couldn't help playing has a shivering. That split second, I see the poets corner of tears, I don't even feel the pain of a poet's mind, Yes, at this late hour, distant still was far away, in this strange place, where he ought to get through this night? Each time you read this first short lyric when I couldn't hold back her tears.


The woman's heart, autumn sorrow is played to the extreme, so Li Qing-Zhao's slow, slow song: "look, desolate, the heartbreaking worry. When cold, the most difficult to rest. Three cups of two pale wine, how the enemy he, night wind urgent! "A weak woman beauty face has long been time to corrode the past, in that moment of guopojiawang, a person sitting alone Windows, face mutilated rivers that will be issued by the passing away of life and lament that, how can one not feel bad? So, it was common for fall, it is a bit of desperation, Yes, after the fall, the upcoming is a long cold winter, wind and Frost is approaching, the strong women weak shoulders, how can can afford to carry the heavy in this season.

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