30 novembre 2011

People love me for it admire the wealth of others

Jay and I are outsiders, see that you are deeply in love with each other, parents, loved ones deeply blessed sthWas wonder, walking walking has also reached a fork in the road to you two RS GoldNA, Chaw Tak Wah you two up after it, is not accidentally a person to do a little faster, a person can just at the back of the head, and so on. A group of people feel uncomfortable!


People love me for it, admire the wealth of others, envy of the literary talent of others, envy another's face all envy what others have, and so their start Crazy Chase. However, he was the chase the lack of access to, they have lost. Just as in the original was lost in the forest do, I do not know where it is exported. Confused, numbed sth A bit like Mr LU Xun wrote xianglin!


Little fragmented into our daily lives. We are forced to enjoy these little every day. Bitter, acid and sweet!


A space friends in space, wrote: "Miss of some non-strict, often at night come tumbling struck, hurt to the softest place, unable to struggle. Not happy, just greedy still attached to some feel happy enough in the past; not so sad, but when the mind appear familiar faces and gentle discourse and free for a long time. When awake at night, is the most sober was confused?

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