07 décembre 2011

Because cares so disturbing because care so care

At night, is a happy moment is always so short, unwittingly Cheapest WOW Gold in the morning, everything in the Earth have been sleeping, only the computer also runs the machine gave off light blue green light, phones are warm, epiphyllum oxypetalum renders you smile in the mind and intimate greetings to sleep with a smile.


Dream flowers, I saw you I if paradox spent bathing in a sea of spring, you smiled and said to me, want you to four seasons, love your life; me back, laughing if I make you life, you will make me a world secure? Golden Joseph Ray, I found the answer from your eyes, heeling, smiles and sleep.


Left bank of the soul, light sing happy.


Because cares, so disturbing because care so care; because cares, so distressed; that shouldn't come, coming after all.

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