12 janvier 2012

Kam is a bed holding cling in my arms fingers touch the soft

Lake ripples star eyes, clear ripples season missing the surface, when the Sun hide your shy face, neon will put on the gorgeous outer skirt. Listening to the pulse of time Gold WOW, feel the breath of lonely, subtle agitation outside the door, it will allow heart beats frenzy.


Kam is a bed holding cling in my arms, fingers touch the soft, square screen keeps jumping, silent screen just to find your footsteps; hazy lighting package me warm, a little window coming evening breeze quietly singing, sentimental coconut tree in a hero to your look.


Time and again to the gates and expecting your lively face appears in front of; can't look hot in the mobile phone, waiting for a series of familiar figures. Tension legs could no longer pausing, confusing the brain is your shadow.


Turn your tracks in the memory, have been more clear in the past, I like a tireless writer, figured out the moment you came. All furnishings in the House, be picky again picking, imagine that you can reach every corner, will take care of your thoughtfulness.

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