24 septembre 2011

This life

Although a bit disappointed, but you do not regret. Life has been seen in some places, and not, and cannot, without discrimination. Because it belongs to the heart, is long and repose, is engraved on soul as rushing rivers. People in their own hearts, build a piece of blue sky, green sea, world, a lot a little good pleasure into one.

  No reading of osmanthus fragrans, fragrant self-existence.

 Hearts inadvertently beauty.

 In life, we have to plug in a pair of wings of beauty for themselves, with the guidelines of the soul, to the end of the world flower sea in pursuit of the beauty of known or unknown. Continue the pursuit and realization, the mind will become lighter and smooth, soft and moving. You like the sky at the time of the star, there will always be in the case of the unconscious, touched someone, moved to his own. So, you are the cassia tree, he is the Sun, all dotted with the dancing world.

 Guihua fenxiang, last night I really enjoyed to date like a wine, will also be drunk to tomorrow, next year, sth, hopefully this growth slowed in the wake up drunk.

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